Daily Archives: July 21, 2015

Christmas in July Challenge

Today Sandra and I decided to challenge each other to create a Christmas in July card.  Sandra created a cute little scene with a penguin.  The penguin is not a surprise coming from Sandra.  She does love her critters.  What is a surprise is that Sandra put glitter on her card!  I can’t believe it, as she HATES all things glitter.  To show you how much she hates glitter I will post the hate photo she sent me of her suitcase that ended up with  glitter on it, because it was packed beside a glittered bag in my trunk for the drive home from Phoenix.  I think she wanted to be compensated for damages, but I just ignored her.



Anyway she made a great card and although the glitter is hard to photograph, it does add a nice touch.

sandra christmas in July challenge


For me, the operation was successful………..but the patient died.  It needs to go in the round file………….but as it was a lot of work.(which included enlisting Dennis’ help in altering some Tim Holtz broach pins into fridge door handles) and a cute idea in my head, I am posting it anyway.

IMG_9236 IMG_9232


I may give this Christmas card to my bunny……………………he deserves it.  I would have swap out the hamburger for a Pansy sandwich though.