Daily Archives: July 28, 2015

Online Card Class- Day 2 Background Check

Today in this class, Laura Bassen is proving to me that she is not only the blending Queen, but also the plaid Queen.  I have found it is pretty difficult to put together perfectly all the elements needed to make a nice plaid.  Laura said she starts with  trip into Pinterest for inspiration.  I now know this is a good idea.  If you start with a colour palette that someone else has already determined goes together to make a nice plaid, there is less chance of the finished background  not turning out.  It is not foolproof, as there are so many other things that can and probably will go wrong,  starting with trying to stamp in a straight line with a thin stamp that dances around like a worm on a fish hook.  Then, of course, there is the  stamp is not long enough to stamp horizontally in one stamp, followed by the residual ink from the previous colour is lurking undetected on the stamp and ending with the appearance of a mysterious inky fingerprint in the middle of the background, that can all work together to ruin the project.

Anyway, I managed to put together a few backgrounds that might find their way on to a card.