Daily Archives: July 29, 2015

Paper Smooches Sketch Challenge

I just love the new Paper Smooches die called Flatware 2.  So why do we call the utensils that we eat with flatware?   Well, one source says  that flatware originally pertained to those dishes that were flat like plates and saucers and eventually evolved to refer to forks and spoons.  Knives were referred to as cutlery.  Another source said that the term flatware refers to the process of rolling out steel and cutting out as many knives and forks and spoons out of a sheet of steel as possible.

Here is the sketch crafters are to use in the challenge, followed by my entry into the challange:

Paper SmoochesJULY-2015IMG_9305


Online Card Classes Day 3-Background Check


On Day 3 of this class we are to put the “rubber on the road” so to speak.   The task is to take the backgrounds we have been creating and actually make cards out of them.  The interesting part for me, is figuring out how to let the background be somewhat the star of the show, while still having the other elements and the sentiment be evident as well.

Videos in the class featured cutouts and windows so I have tried to incorporate this as well.

IMG_9323 IMG_9325