Where’s Waldo??

You probably think I dropped off the face of the earth as there has been no posts for the last few days.  Well, no such luck, as I am back today with a very quick post.

What happened was I broke one of my own rules……………………..that rule states…………….”do not do a computer upgrade until 96.6% of the rest of the world has already done it and worked out the kinks”.   Only then is it safe for me to upgrade without catastrophe!  Broke the rule and now my computer is in sickbay.

I noticed that my friend Selena has slacked off her job as one of my drug of choice (scrapstuff) dealers and headed off to Vegas,  It is ok as I understand Holly is manning the Scrapmobile while she is away. though.   I thought I would post a card celebrating Selena’s trip to one of my favourite places.


Edit to post…………….I had been working on a Halloween card when I realized it was perfect for Selena AND Las Vegas so I decided to add it.

image This is a stampendous stamp that I bought from Selena’s fabulous “Little Green Truck” “Scrapmobile” “Memories in Motion” Scrapendipity Way of Life” mobile scrapbooking shop.  Her selection of Halloween items is amazing as Selena is a Halloween Fanatic!


About DebSelby

I am a Mom to three great sons, a grandmother to seven great grandkids and a totally addicted scrapbooker, cardmaker now that I have retired from paid work.

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