Daily Archives: November 14, 2015

Online Card Class- Day 6

Today was an inspiration day at the Online Card Class-Holiday Style.  Didn’t have too much time to play today but did make one card.  This was a card that ended up very different than what I had in my head at the beginning.  I just recently got some miniature pom-pom ribbon that I thought I would use for berries on the wreath on the flamingo.  But try as I might, the idea had problems. When I cut the pom poms off the ribbon, that they came on, I could see that the interior was white instead of red.  No problem, I thought, I just painted them red. When I put them on the wreath though, the pom poms became the focal point, because they were just too big.  Time to abandon ship and try something else.  In the end I used red seed beads that gave a tiny bit of dimension without taking over.  The rest of the card evolved as well.  While putting lights on the palm tree with liquid pearls, I thought of a past trip I had taken to Miami at this time of year.  I was thinking about how weird it felt to be in shorts and flip flops sitting on a cafe patio, surrounded by Christmas lights, music and trees.  It seem like the world stopped, though time went on, and it was July and no one had moved to take the decorations down.   (That actually does happen here in Canada but it is because we are still frozen and can’t move 🙂 ).  In the end, I decided to mix traditional Christmas colours with the sunset colours of South Beach.  Then I made the whole thing a snow globe, cause really………….how else does a flamingo get to experience snow.


I wish I didn’t have to use the flash, as it really washed out the vibrant colours.