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Paper Smooches- Adding Gold

The challenge at Paper Smooches this month is to use gold.  I had started to make something for this challenge quite some time ago but didn’t like something about all my attempts.  I wanted to use gold foil and I find that if you use foil, then everything else on the card must be pretty simple or things seem to clash.  After several too busy or clashy attempts, this one seemed to work.


Paper Smooches

A Brief Interruption in my Holiday Merry Making

Today I decided to finish doing something that I started in early September.  I have made a few layouts of my Alaskan Cruise but there are several more to do to complete the story.  One of the layouts  tells the story of me catching a lovely Coho Salmon on a fishing excursion in Alaska.  Now this fish may be the most expensive salmon ever caught and never eaten in the history of salmon fishing.    Five of us from the Celebrity Infinity signed up for a fishing excursion in Juneau, Alaska.  Excursions from a cruise ship are generally synonymous with expensive anyway, but this one especially so.  Anyway, off we go.  On the way to “the spot” we all have to get fishing licenses. Cha Ching,  cha ching!  Then we have to get an extra license specifically for King Salmon.  Cha Ching Cha Ching Cha Ching!  I protest saying I don’t need to catch a “King” salmon, a “Queen” or even a “Prince would be good enough for me.   Alas, no, it doesn’t work that way…… you need a “King” license just in case his crown gets caught on your hook, and the “Fishing Warden” is lurking nearby.  So then, we have to take turns fishing, one at a time.  Lucky for me,  I win the fishing equivalent of the lottery and I get to fish first.  The rest is history and documented on the layout below.





It would be great if I could say that this fish fought me so hard, it took hours to reel him in, but no he sort of co-operated and accepted his fate.  He got back at me though, as I was forced to hold him up by the gills for the obligatory picture.  EWWW!

The end of the story is that it is also difficult and expensive for Canadians to be able to get their “catch” shipped home.  The answer was that it would be at least three times the cost of walking into Safeway and buying the same fish.  As a result, the fish was “donated” to the boat crew for a barbeque they were attending that night.  All is well that ends well though, and we had a wonderful day out on the water and met some fabulous people.