Daily Archives: January 29, 2016

Online Card Class-Intermediate Watercolor

As luck would have it, or as a result of poor or no planning, I decided to go to Mexico just when this class started.  Now it is winding down and I am just getting started on it.

For some reason while I was attempting to make something that was even remotely worthy of being posted in the gallery,  I was reminded of a quote from Dolly Parton.  She said something like,  “it takes a lot of time and effort to look this cheap!”  That is kind of what I think about watercolour.  You are trying to make something look like it flows and is kind of slap it down random and it just is not easy.  I have quite a pile of watercolour card front discards to prove it isn’t easy.

The first card I made is too…………everything……….. to even post.  The second is an attempt at making a variegated wash. It is so so.



The third was an attempt at making a freehand painted rose.  I have done several cards with watercoloured roses started with a stamp, but it is much more difficult freehand.  Several attempts went in the garbage.  While the one posted here isn’t great, it is a vast improvement over my first attempt.