Make it Monday – Money #249

So the Make it Monday challenge at Papertrey Ink was to use money on a project.  The samples made by Lexi included the art of Origami.  This really intrigued me as one of my now grown up sons (sort of LOL) used to be the Origami King in the house.  There was always Origami frogs hopping and Origami birds flying all over, which usually ended up stuck in my vacuum hose (yes, I used to do this!).

Turns out this challenge was fraught with peril.  First of all, I am Canadian and our money is now made out of plastic which does not fold well at all (by design).  Luckily for me I had some US dollar bills left over from Phoenix (leftover money…….who am I kidding!). Anyway on with the challenge.

I decided to use the design from the Papertrey Ink Love you to Pieces paper pack along with the patterned paper from the Shakers and Sprinkles make the money holder.  That worked quite well.  After that I went on the internet to get a lesson on how to make a heart out of a dollar bill.  Well, several tries later my lone dollar bill had fold lines going every possible way.  In the end, I had to use my only other US bill which was a $20 to make the heart.

Finally the project was complete.  Then I ran into the next problem.  I wanted to fix my photo of the card a bit in my photoshop program.  A pop up window came up reminding me that nasty things can happen when you attempt to copy money and that my application would take no part in it.  So, here is my challenge entry unedited.  I am quite sure that no one would accept a heart shaped bill as legal tender.  At least I would hope not.




It really does work well to use the Papertrey Ink  heart zipper die for a money gift card.  I did not tape the inside down as I desperately need that $50.00 bill for groceries, but if I were ready to give this card I would tape it all down.  No chance of the money falling out and the card recipient gets to unzip the front and discover even more money inside.  I mean who would not want a gift like that.

I did eventually fold a Canadian bill into a heart shape as well, but it took multiple pieces of Micropore tape on the back to hold it together. It will take some delicate peeling to get it all off.  I think I will give it to my Origami frog maker son as payback for my clogged vacuum.

Supplies:  Papertrey Ink Shakers and Sprinkles patterned paper,  Papertrey Ink Love you to pieces zipper die, My Favorite Things Gifting Fun stamp set. Cut & Paste enamel dot arrow and Scor tape




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I am a Mom to three great sons, a grandmother to seven great grandkids and a totally addicted scrapbooker, cardmaker now that I have retired from paid work.

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  1. love it great folds pretty cards


  2. really cute project!! and i love the description of your perils, haha!! i just learned in the forum today about the plastic money. the only image that got blocked by photoshop for me was one with money pulled out of the wallet, but i had an alternate – i can’t believe it blocked the heart, lol! and as for getting the creases out of your us bills – just get them wet and flatten them out to dry – i figured that out after the video and posted it on my blog! thanks for playing mim!!


  3. JUST love this! I have that heart zipper die and never used it (head down in shame!). BUT NOW I have a reason. THANK YOU!


  4. Awesome!! I really like how the 20s show at the top of your heart : )

    Too funny about the Photoshop warning. I want to go take a picture of money and try it for myself LOL



  5. Love your heart & think it is hysterical that Photoshop refuses to edit the money image 🙂


  6. This is over the top amazing! That’s funny about the edit and money! Love your project!


  7. As the mother of sons, I feel your pain! But how cute is your card!!! The zipper is perfect for the heart bill!


  8. Oh how great.. love the zipper die.. I’ve not tried one.. but I can see I need it. Cute heart. Have fun grocery shopping 🙂


  9. jennifer reynard

    Love your card and incredible sense of humour!!


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