Creative Chemistry 103 Day 6

I have a pile of half completed samples from this class.  There are several techniques that use products with a longer than usual drying time.  This means my craft room looks like a paper laundromat.

The sample I am showing here almost went in the round file several times.  Luckily I followed Tim’s instructions to keep working on it by throwing in more colour and more blending solution and most importantly more imagination until it started to look like something.

tim h landscape

About DebSelby

I am a Mom to three great sons, a grandmother to seven great grandkids and a totally addicted scrapbooker, cardmaker now that I have retired from paid work.

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  1. Wow! Just stunning!


  2. Davenport, Joanne

    Wow! You need to teach us too!

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  3. So happy you decided to persevere. Your liquid landscape turned out great! Isn’t it funny how the magic can suddenly happen when you keep trying? I am still doing a happy dance whenever I see how my own landscape turned out.


  4. You had so much control! Mine came out in drops, couldn’t make it squiggle! Well done!


  5. How did I miss this during class? It’s absolutely gorgeous!


    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. This attempt nearly went in the garbage, but I just kept playing with it until I liked it. Then I did some strategic cropping to make it look more balanced and voila, it could be made into a card.


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