Daily Archives: November 4, 2016

Test of Time- Mini Book Project

Quite some time ago my daughter in law, Lisa and I started on a mini book crafting project.  We got only partially finished after taking far more time than Lisa imagined the project would take.  Then life got in the way and the unfinished project sat there waiting for life’s business to subside.

Lisa decided she wanted to finish the book for a friend who is soon to have a baby girl.  This was convenient as the book was all sugar and spice.  At long last the book was completed at midnight last night.  Yes, midnight!  No matter to me, being retired but there is no rest for Lisa.  Her daughter, Kylie was up at 5:45 am and so, of course, was poor Lisa.

I was curious to see if the book stood the test of time.  There has been an evolution in my crafting style, not to mention lots and lots and lots of craft supplies added to my craft room since we started on that book.  Some of you may recognize the round mini book from Graphic 45.  I was happy to see that I still liked how the book looked and I think it turned out well.







The book is double sided and folds up accordion like.  When folded up, it ties up with the pink ribbon and fits in the round metal film canister.  Each page has a mat/banner/card/frame for a picture.  The dotted vellum envelope is for a lock of the baby’s hair.