Daily Archives: May 22, 2017

Heatfelt Creations

I’ll bet you thought I made a spelling error in the above title……………nope…………the title is heatfelt creations!  Why you ask?  Here is why:

I recently acquired the Classic Petunia Collection from Heartfelt Creations.  So far so good.  Emma Lou suggests that shaping the Petunia is made easier by the use of a hot glue gun.  Her sound reasoning is that the deep dimension of the Petunia requires a glue that dries instantly so that you can glue the pieces of the Petunia together sometime in this lifetime, and move on to the rest of the card.

Here is where the trouble started.  I realized very quickly that the Hot Glue Gun should be included in the registry of restricted weapons.  It is truly out to hurt people.  I should have realized that safety features were not front and center for a company designing a product to sell for two bucks at the Dollar Store, but come on people, this thing is truly vicious!  It has these flimsy little feet on the bottom, with a regulation sized curled up electrical cord sticking out of the back.  On what planet is that designed to sit up with out falling over and burning everything in sight.  Even if you get the gun delicately balanced on its’ feet, the nozzle faces downward so liquid fire drips continuously out on to your desktop or project or fingers.  So on to making the flowers.  Unless I can quickly grow a third hand, this is a problem too.  One hand, to hold the flower in the making.  One hand to hold the fire leaking glue gun and oh oh, no hand to move one petal over to the other to actually glue them together.  It is then that panic ensues and one finger instinctively moves over to force the two petals together.  Yes Emma Lou is right, there is an instant bond…………..the petals…………..the molten glue……………..and your finger.

I calculated that I could make about four flowers before I ran out of fingers without Band-aids on them, so I carried on.

I realized then that it was a bit like childbirth……………….the result was worth the pain……………and you start thinking about your next project.