Daily Archives: August 26, 2017

Stamp a faire- Laura Challenge

Laura’s challenge is using the 1st anniversary material being paper.  Additionally we are challenged to use up little scraps and add some vellum.

This challenge was easy but tedious, as there was a lot of die cutting, and yes, waiting for things to dry.

In the end, I think it looks cute a meets the requirements of the challenge.

Stamp a faire-Rebecca’s Challenge

Rebecca’s challenge is to use the 1st anniversary material of paper in a project.  Rebecca made three different trinkets from paper.  She made some thin paper bows, some tassels and a cute little confetti holder.  I concentrated on trying to make something with tassels.  This necessitated a fruitless trip to the fabric shop to look for tassel caps.  Luckily, I found what I needed in a nearby bead shop.

I think the project turned out quite well and I can see myself making a few of these wine tags with tassels, just to have them for wine I give away for hostess gifts.




Stamp a faire-Stephanie’s Challenge

Stephanie’s challenge is to use the 2nd anniversary material of cotton to make something.  This challenge seemed simple, but I found it quite difficult.  I have built up quite a collection of sad looking wads of coloured cotton balls in my pursuit of a satisfactory looking Cotton Candy.

All is well that ends well though, and I was happy to dig out, dye and tie some nice little ribbons on this card that had been hanging out in my stash for a long long time.  I had made some glitter backgrounds as per Stephanie’s instructions, but then realized I did not have a Papertrey Ink product on the card.  To fix this, I dug out some Papertrey  Hooray patterned paper and gave it a glitter treatment.  I also made the paper cone out of a matching patterned paper from the same Hooray collection.


Stamp a faire-Nicole Challenge

Nicole’s challenge is to use the 3rd anniversary material of leather or leather like paper to be exact.

I am finding all the stamp a faire challenges, well, to be a challenge!  I have no patience and several of the challenges require that I wait patiently while things dry.    What happens when I have to wait is this:


I don’t put anything away, in case what I am waiting for to dry,  needs to be redone for some reason, and I also get out everything I need for the next project and pile it on top.  Ugh, what a mess.

This project was headed for the big round file a couple of times, but it actually began to not look too bad, once I started applying walnut stain to the card front.