Daily Archives: August 28, 2017

Stamp a faire-Jessica’s Challenge

Jessica’s challenge is to use the 8th anniversary material of bronze in a project.   I did not have a bronze embossing powder so I made my own.  I wanted a thick rough looking embossing powder like the Hammered Gold that I have from Emerald Creek Trading Company, so I mixed some of that with some very old and very chunky looking silver and gold from Frantage.  I loved the resulting mix and I really love that I used up every bit of the mix so there was nothing left to store for that never project in the future.

I used a stencil brush to add heavy brush marks of embossing ink to the feathers and background.  A light touch would not work here as the heavy powder would blow away, the instant I put the heat gun to the paper.

The Papertrey Ink Scroll Frame added to the Vintagy look of the embossed What the Doodle Feathers.  The bow is from Maggie Holmes.



Stamp a faire Carissa’s Challenge

Carissa’s challenge is to use the 10th anniversary material of tin or aluminium in a project.  I can’t believe I actually got out those gilding flakes again.  Not only did I open that dreaded jar, but I actually had to sort the flakes.  The only jar I have is a gold, silver and copper mix, and I only wanted the silver for this project.

Once you get by the incredible mess they make, gilding flakes are fun.  They remind me of the first time I used embossing powder or the first time I pulled a stencil from embossing paste. The results are amazing and you forget all about the mess the flakes made.