Daily Archives: May 29, 2018

Coffee Lovers Spring/Summer 2018 Bloghop Day #5

One of the great things about making your own cards is that you can take personalizing to a new level.  Such is the case with today’s card.  This card is going to be a birthday card for one of my travelling partners.  When we were on a cruise of the British Isles last August, he thoroughly enjoyed slipping up to a quiet corner of the ship, where a barista at the specialty coffee shop, was eager to show off his coffee art talents.  This birthday card is a reflection of one of those small, but wonderful moments on our summer vacation.  I doubt if Hallmark makes a card that has both coffee cups and a map of the British Isles on it, but I was able to combine them on his birthday card.

The hardest part of constructing this card was in not having the coffee cups look like two fried eggs.  That is why I opted for blue coffee cups.