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Spring Card Camp Day 19

Jennifer Mcguire provided the video today.  The topic was second generation stamping.  This just means stamp down two images without re-inking in between.  I confess that I had to cheat a little to get enough ink on the second image.  Jennifer warned us to use somewhat darker colours and I think my first peach colour was just too light.  Otherwise, the cards turned out well.  I really like the simple white on kraft background on these two cards.

IMG_1891 (3)

Spring Card Camp Day 18

Today’s video was presented by Shari Caroll from Simon Says Stamp

Her 2 for 1 idea was to do some blending on a card front using cardstock masks and then use the masks themselves to make a second card.  This technique is going to appeal to all you frugal crafters who like to use up every tiny scrap you have while continuing to hoard a lifetime’s worth of full sheet cardstock.

Shari managed to make her two cards look quite similar in the end even though they were made quite differently.  My cards follow the same technique but I deliberately veered off in two slightly different directions.  I enjoyed this technique as I want to practice the unstructured graphic style more.

I also got to use two new Photoplay word dies that I just bought yesterday!  I love when that happens.


Spring Card Camp Day 17

How did I get 2 days behind in making cards for this card camp?  Honestly, it is getting impossible for me to schedule more than little job in a day.  I am so slow these days that I think I am going to have to dress Monday for work on Tuesday, otherwise, I am going to be late.   Of course, that is assuming that I will have a job to go to eventually.

Today’s tutorial was led by Julie Ebersole.  The idea was multiple uses of word dies, as per the overall theme of 2 for 1.

I have found the key to this technique is to use word dies without too many unattached little parts.  Like the 10 second rule, any little parts laying on my desktop longer than 10 seconds are lost for all eternity.  A new lesson that I learned is to remember to spray said little attachments outside at the same time as I spray the card front.  I only noticed that they weren’t sprayed when I went to glue them on.  Being lazy I tried spraying them just where they sat on my desktop.  Nope, the spray is an aerosol so it blew said little attachments all over the craftroom, while adding a nice layer of glue to my desktop! Nevertheless, the cards finally came together quite nicely.



Spring Card Camp Day 16

Oh my goodness! I thought I would never see the day where I did not want to spend another moment thinking about how to create another card or layout , but that day has arrived.

Today, I took part in a virtual crop to aid the tigers at the Calgary Zoo.  The challenge was to do something crafty every hour on the hour for 24 hours.  It wasn’t always a new challenge that involved making a card or layout, sometimes it was a tutorial or quiz or zoo animal jokes.  Whatever it was, 24 hours of it is exhausting.  I think I posted 14 projects.

Now I want to post today’s lesson in the Spring Card Camp as I don’t want to get behind on it.  Today’s lesson was by Kathy Racoosin.  She is the queen of colouring.  Today she took an unusual method of colouring.  It involved creating our two for one cards by allowing the Copic markers to bleed through to a second card front.  My first attempt was a complete fail as cardstock of any weight was too thick.  the only thing that worked for me was typewriter paper.  We were to use the back of the first layer and the top of the second layer for our two cards.  I did not care for the back of the first layer at all, so that was a no.  The cards didn’t look tooooo bad when I dressed them up with a mat and some bling, but I have to say they are not my cup of tea.  However, it was an interesting technique to try out..

Take a look:



Spring Card Camp Day 15

Today is a busy day for me……………………………… really………………don’t laugh…….it really is.  First thing this morning I started on the Spring Card Class so that I could get my cards done and posted early.  That didn’t happen, but it was okay as I had a virtual crop with some friends starting at one o’clock, so I could finish them now.

At three o’clock I have a Save the Tigers at the Calgary Zoo crop that lasts for 24 hours. There will be an email with a challenge of some sort every hour.  That should be interesting, although I am hoping that the 2:00 am challenge is to sleep for at least 5 hours.  We will see.

Back to the cards for today.  The video was presented by Kristina Werner and the topic was ink smooshing.  I was happy to see this because it is a technique that is easy and nearly always looks good when you are done.  The two for one theme continues.  I usually make smooshing technique card fronts on larger pieces of watercolour paper so that I can cut out the card front from the area that I like best.  However, I ended up liking the whole piece and I was able to cut the paper in half like we did in Day 2? and create two card fronts.

I have more card fronts and letters sitting here to make even more cards but these will do for now.



Spring Card Camp Day 14

Today was one of those days where what looked simple and quick, just wasn’t.

The tutorial was presented by the queen of rainbows and blending Laura Bassen.  She did not disappoint, as her cards were stunning.  As Shakespeare would say, “the fault lies within yourself”, meaning me.  First of all, using the word MOM posed a challenge as the alphabet die only has one “M”.  I had the devil of a time lining the letters up when they had to go through the cutter in separate passes.  Then just when I wanted a smooth white card front, it seemed that every scratch on my plate embossed itself on my card front.  When I finally got one card to the stage where I was going to glue the card front to the base, I inadvertently pressed the card front to my media mat.  It did not want to come off without a struggle, which resulted in some bends and folds in the card front.  This card had to be set aside until my attitude improved.  In the meantime, I completed the other two cards.  I liked how they turned out.  The alphabet die set I used comes with both the shadow and the letters with the holes which makes it very versatile. As usual, the glimmery satin rose gold cardstock looks very elegant in real life, but loses something in the photography.  When I look at the card here in the picture, it seems it needs more, but when I look at the card itself sitting on my desk, it is perfect with no additional embellishment.

When I turned my attention back to that pesky first card, I decided to cover the bend and folds as best I could as I didn’t want to start over.  The bends and folds were big enough that no little cluster of gems or enamel dots were going to fix it.  What to do?  My Gemini Foil Press was sitting on my desk from another project so I decided to use that to make some simple but elegant flowers.  I think the resulting card remain CAS with a touch of elegance from the foiling.

Whew, that was hard work today.




Spring Card Camp Day 13

Once again, Cathy Zielske presented the card camp instruction video today.  The theme was to use word dies in both the positive and negative form to create two cards.

The instructions were simple, easy to carry out and resulted in two cards with a CAS but elegant look.  If I didn’t have to wait for the glitter paste and Nuvo drops to dry, I could have had these cards posted in about fifteen minutes.


Spring Card Camp Day 12 # 3

Here is the final set of cards from today’s tutorial.  I really like how they all turned out.  I am having trouble picking a favourite.


Spring Card Camp Day 12 # 2

Here is the second set of cards from today’s lesson.  The first card is a shaker card.  The second card has the dot layer of the stamp as the background.


Spring Card Camp Day 12 # 1

Today’s instruction came from Jennifer McGuire.  The first instruction was how to create a DIY ink pad using Distress Ink refills.  From there, Jennifer showed multiple ways to use the ink pad to create many cards.  Although all the cards began with the DIY ink pad, the finished results were all creative and unique.

I have the Altenew Botanical Leaves stamp set that Jennifer used, and it is one of my favourites, so I decided to use it for my cards as well.  This post will be in 3 posts as I made several cards.   I experimented a lot with the DIY ink pad adding different colours as the pad started to dry out.  This resulted in a nice mix of colours.

Here is the first set: