Daily Archives: April 2, 2020

Post from the Twilight Zone

It is incredibly hard to believe what has happened in this world since my last post.  From here on in, I am going to try and make this a Covid-19 free zone.  You have been told enough times to wash your hands and self-isolate.  I don’t think I need to remind you………….just do it.

I am so thankful for my little scrapbook/cardmaking hobby right now.  Not only is it fun and creative, but it is also accessible from the safety of my home.  As I have said to my friends, “I might just find out if I really do have a stash that will last a lifetime.”

Anyway, I thought I would post some layouts from my wonderful weekend trip to the Grand Canyon and the Grand Canyon Railroad.  It was the last major thing we did before the world as we knew it, stopped.  It was so much fun, and I will always be grateful to have been able to do it.

I just completed these two pages and had so much fun putting them together.  First of all, I was able to dust off my relatively new Cameo and cut out those cute railroad tracks.  I admit I was afraid to start on them.  I felt that if they didn’t cut well for whatever reason, that I would fall into an even blacker mood than I was already in  I am happy to report though, that they cut beautifully.

This layout is definitely  “out of order” from a time perspective.  When I scrapbook, I fancy myself as being like a movie director, who routinely shoots scenes out of order for various reasons ( Look at that, I managed to sound both British and pompous in one sentence, but I digress.)  On the train ride back, we were “robbed” by some outlaws for tips.  Yes, it was expected and corny as could be, but I had fun being in this little melodrama, and I had a lot of fun documenting it in this layout.  Take a look: