Daily Archives: April 21, 2020

Spring Card Camp Day #11

Today’s tutorial was about rainbows.  It was nice to have a colourful and uplifting theme to think about in the midst of the horror Canadians recently experienced.  The video was done by  Dawn Woleslagle.  I admit I was terrified when I saw Dawn’s name in the title.  I thought it was going to be a painting day, a medium at which Dawn excels and at which I, basically………..suck.  Luckily for my ego, she decided to do some rainbow cards using diecuts.

I experimented a bit with how to put the finishing touches on the clouds.  Translated, that means I spent several hours coating this, spraying that, blending something else to come up with what I eventually used.  In the end, I liked the resulting cards.  This  was a pleasant surprise as  most rainbow cards that I have done went into the big round file for one reason or another.  I ink blended the more primary coloured rainbow and the clouds were covered with transfer flock from Thermoweb.  A word to the wise here. I used the flocking first and then cut the clouds out from the flocked piece.  This is not a good idea as it showed every scratch mark from my cutting plates and necessitated the use of a lint brush to collect bits of paper dust off the flocking.  It is better to cut your cloud out and then do the flocking procedure through your laminator.  On the second card I used Nuvo Glitter markers on the rainbow and the cloud was sprayed with Iridescent Glitter Dust.  It gives a multi-coloured sparkle but is hard to capture in a picture.