Daily Archives: May 7, 2020

Spring Card Camp 2 Day 1

So ok, I managed to wipe the stink off my having to prepare some income tax returns, and found some creativity to make a card for the Day 1 tutorial.

I have a confession to make though………………..when I use a craft knife, the only thing that gets cut is me.  I have absolutely no skill in that area so I cheated.  I cut the letters out nice and cleanly on my Silhouette Cameo.   The part that I am proud of, is that I was able to produce a truly one layer card.  More often than not, little stamping errors and smudges necessitate that I have to put the card front on a clean card base or add some doodad to cover a booboo (both technical cardmaking terms).  So all things considered, this card is a success.  Take a look:

Spring Card Camp 2 Day 2

Kristina and Jennifer decided that because Spring Card Camp 1 was such a great diversion from the ongoing saga of Covid-19, why not continue it with Spring Card Camp 2.  Why not indeed.  It gives me something to look forward to each day and reminds me of the scene in movies where the calendar days fly off in rapid succession to mark the passage of time.

Speaking of the passage of time, Day 1 got away on me.  I was working on doing several income taxes and I don’t know about you, but for me, income tax and creativity are not friendly to each other.  Zero Mojo!  I will come back to Day 1, but for now, ideas were more plentiful for Day 2.  Plus, I was able to use a Pinkfresh stamp that I wanted to use as a sample for the Scrapendipity store which should be able to open soon.  Maybe, I am still stuck on the 2 for 1 theme of Spring Card Camp 1. LOL

Anyway, the card turned out well.  You may notice a small bit of cross-hatching on the bottom of the card.  This was an error, but I like it and wish I had made it a bit more prominent……………..maybe on the second card……………..again thinking 2 for 1 theme.  Hmm.