Spring Card Camp 2 Day 4

While doing today’s card, I was thinking about my friend Dianne.  Yesterday on a Facebook Live presentation, she mentioned that she likes to make creative but quick cards NOT like her friend Debbie who takes 8 hours to make a card.  I cannot argue with her really, I have taken that long to make a card.  Usually, though it is because I am really fussy and will start over if I think the card would look better in a slightly different cardstock or colour.  The card for today’s tutorial did take me about 2 1/2 hours.  There was a lot of measuring and glueing of delicate pieces.  I found out the hard way with the P’s in Happy that they weren’t the same size and only fit properly one way.

In the end, I liked the card.  I wanted to make a slimline card that is becoming so popular and I actually have a recipient in mind for it.  I feel bad for graduates this year whose graduation plans have been cancelled or substantially altered.

Anyway here is the card:

About DebSelby

I am a Mom to three great sons, a grandmother to seven great grandkids and a totally addicted scrapbooker, cardmaker now that I have retired from paid work.

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  1. Sue Ellen, Rochester, NY

    It turned out great and I had the same idea…graduated colors. You always seem to knock it out the park…well done!

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    • Thanks! Resistance is definitely futile as I ordered the envelope maker die for slimline cards along with some other stuff that I had in the Trinity Stamps cart. Have a great day!


      • Sue Ellen, Rochester, NY

        I purchased a We R Memory Keepers envelope maker and I really like it. Very easy to use. My biggest problem is when I need a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock/paper in order to make a larger envelope. I don’t have much of that around…

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  2. I have that envelope maker and I do like and use it a lot for shaker cards/dimensional cards that don’t fit in a regular envelope quite right. I wanted the slimline envelope die though because the flaps and the main part of the envelope start off as separate pieces. That way you can decorate the envelope flaps with stamps and dies matching the card itself and then attach the flaps to the envelope later. Very frivolous I know, which is why it sat in my cart for a while……………………..resistance is futile.


    • Sue Ellen, Rochester, NY

      Yes, resistance IS futile! I was looking at the new Concord & 9th release and some “useful” background stamps that are “on sale!” I deleted the email after I had put stuff in my cart!

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      • Ha Ha I looked at those too! Sometimes what saves me is that I live in Canada and the shipping is very expensive. I live part-time in Arizona though, so order like a mad man when I am down there.

        I do a lot of travel scrapbooks so have 12 X12 cardstock, but for envelopes, I actually like lighter paper so I buy a pad of the cheapest patterned paper (where one side is white) that I can find and then use that for envelopes. I match up the coloured side to colours I used on the card front and it is like you have a nice envelope liner.


      • Sue Ellen, Rochester, NY

        I was thinking you probably were Canadian with the spelling of “colour.” My mom used to live in Mesa and have been to AZ several times.

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  3. Tamara McCoy

    I love your ombre effect with the pinks!

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  4. karenjoycreations

    Very cute. Someone is going to love this card.

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