Daily Archives: May 20, 2020

Spring Card Camp 2 Day 15

It is back to my comfort zone today on Spring Card Camp 2.  Kristina used a theme of using a basic circle to make a shaker card.  Shaker cards are one of my favorite cards to make, and so I dove in to making one right away.

Recently, I got two new die sets from Paper Rose.  They are dies of woodworking tools and are relatively small.  As I was listening to Kristina talk about putting multiple layers of foam tape together to allow the shaker bits to move and shake freely, I realised that I could make shaker bits of these small tools if I made sure that I did NOT give the little tools enough room to flip over.  The back of the tools are just plain white and would spoil the look of the card.   Putting together the shaker card was easy using Kristina’s first method, and the one I use most often.  The only problem that I had was that I have virtually no Dad/Father’s Day sentiments in my stash.  Thanks to my print feature on my Cameo, I was able to print off an appropriate banner.

It just happens that late yesterday afternoon, I decided to make a shaker card out of a die that I picked up very inexpensively on a super sale.  I decided that because it essentially uses a circle shape and the first method that Kristina showed for making a shaker card, I could also post it here.