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Post and Parcel Kit- Papertrey Ink

If you are looking for a way to chew up a lot of time, grab yourself the Post and Parcel Kit from Papertrey Ink.  It is one of those kits where you start out with one idea to make one thing and you end up with a hundred ideas and have a hundred things in various stages of production.  So much fun!  If I keep working, I may end up with enough tags and gift cards and envelopes to use for all my gifts in Christmas 2017.  Note I did not say for this Christmas as that is too short a deadline!

One thing, that happens to me consistently, is that the moment I decide to move a craft tool or item from my front and center storage, to a more out of the way storage due to dis-use,  I need that item.  That happened with this kit project.  I had several hot glue guns and glue sticks taking up room in my main tool drawer and they hadn’t been used for years.  Off they went to long term storage in the basement and, you guessed it, I needed that kind of glue to hold up the mail box post.  So, of course, back upstairs they came.

Here is a small selection of the fabu things I am working on:



I had the idea that I would make my own wrapping paper.  That way I could be sure that the paper and the tags match well.  The making of this little blue box covered in homemade paper, convinced me that I am hallucinating if I think I could eliminate commercial paper. I have now modified that idea considerably.

The bigger red mailbox can hold small gifts or gift cards and is decorated with texture paste using the stencils in the kit.  Isn’t that little padlock just the cutest.

The little mailbox is supposed to hold two little chocolates, but I wanted to show that it also holds one little bottle of Stickles, should any of my crafty friends be inclined to give me one of those for Xmas.  I had a issue gluing on the post to the mailbox (not in the center), and another issue with the thick embossing powder I used cracking, when I tried to roll it into the mailbox shape.  These two issues resulted in the misshapen mailbox you see here.  I am about to start over, thus my comment about chewing up time.


This one turned out very well.  The gift card slides under the bow on to the postage stamp shaped mat and the whole thing fits in the matching envelope.  The little envelope also pulls out and opens to another little postage stamp mat with the recipients name written on it. It seems I give more and more gift cards than presents with each passing Christmas so I am happy to have something with which I can personalize them.

Well it is back to the drawing board, to see if I can make a less lop sided mailbox.

Test of Time- Mini Book Project

Quite some time ago my daughter in law, Lisa and I started on a mini book crafting project.  We got only partially finished after taking far more time than Lisa imagined the project would take.  Then life got in the way and the unfinished project sat there waiting for life’s business to subside.

Lisa decided she wanted to finish the book for a friend who is soon to have a baby girl.  This was convenient as the book was all sugar and spice.  At long last the book was completed at midnight last night.  Yes, midnight!  No matter to me, being retired but there is no rest for Lisa.  Her daughter, Kylie was up at 5:45 am and so, of course, was poor Lisa.

I was curious to see if the book stood the test of time.  There has been an evolution in my crafting style, not to mention lots and lots and lots of craft supplies added to my craft room since we started on that book.  Some of you may recognize the round mini book from Graphic 45.  I was happy to see that I still liked how the book looked and I think it turned out well.







The book is double sided and folds up accordion like.  When folded up, it ties up with the pink ribbon and fits in the round metal film canister.  Each page has a mat/banner/card/frame for a picture.  The dotted vellum envelope is for a lock of the baby’s hair.




Papertrey Ink -Make it Market- Garden Gate

My resolve to quit buying so much crafting supplies melted when I saw this limited edition kit at Papertrey Ink.  I think the resolve only lasted about ten minutes because………what can I say………..I am weak.

This kit is just so much fun and choc-a-bloc full of stamps, dies and paper.  I usually like to make my own designs, but today I cased a sample from the instructions included with the kit.  This project is a box that holds four cards that can be given as a gift.

I especially love the Wisteria! Take a look.


This Thing made Itself

Many times I start a project without knowing what it is I want to create.  But on this project it was like the project had a mind of it’s own.  I just hung on for the ride to see how it would turn out.

I think it is cute cute cute.  It turned out to be a little replica of the Scrapbook Store I work at.  So I used a little poetic license as the real store is in a strip mall with a little less charm than this little cottage, but the colours and the sense of “Happy” you  get as you enter the shop is bang on.

Enjoy…………and watch for the Grand Opening coming soon!


Would you like a Coffee……….Bag??

I decided that I needed a  coffee break from making coffee cards and so I decided to make a coffee bag instead.

I cut the bag out on my Pazzles cutter and hadn’t even noticed the funny little closure on top.  When I went to put it together, I wondered how I was going to deal with that.  The holes were too small to thread through the coffee ribbon that I wanted to use, but to leave them there made it look like the bag had eyes.  Looking through my stash, I found Tim Holtz’ bathroom (ball chain) chain and a lock charm.  Perfect, as it signifies that a coffee gift is precious and needs to be under lock and key, so to speak.

Anyway this little bag was easy  to put together and makes an excellent stocking stuffer.  Two or three Tassimo or Keurig pods fit in the bag quite nicely.


Supplies:  Inky Antics Coffee Time stamp set,  Tim Holtz Ball chain that will never go back into its’ original packaging, Lock charm from Beads and Plenty More, Cross Stitched Rectangles from Memory Box, Distress Markers, Xyron sticker maker. Recollections cardstock, May Arts ribbon and Scor tape

Make it Monday – Money #249

So the Make it Monday challenge at Papertrey Ink was to use money on a project.  The samples made by Lexi included the art of Origami.  This really intrigued me as one of my now grown up sons (sort of LOL) used to be the Origami King in the house.  There was always Origami frogs hopping and Origami birds flying all over, which usually ended up stuck in my vacuum hose (yes, I used to do this!).

Turns out this challenge was fraught with peril.  First of all, I am Canadian and our money is now made out of plastic which does not fold well at all (by design).  Luckily for me I had some US dollar bills left over from Phoenix (leftover money…….who am I kidding!). Anyway on with the challenge.

I decided to use the design from the Papertrey Ink Love you to Pieces paper pack along with the patterned paper from the Shakers and Sprinkles make the money holder.  That worked quite well.  After that I went on the internet to get a lesson on how to make a heart out of a dollar bill.  Well, several tries later my lone dollar bill had fold lines going every possible way.  In the end, I had to use my only other US bill which was a $20 to make the heart.

Finally the project was complete.  Then I ran into the next problem.  I wanted to fix my photo of the card a bit in my photoshop program.  A pop up window came up reminding me that nasty things can happen when you attempt to copy money and that my application would take no part in it.  So, here is my challenge entry unedited.  I am quite sure that no one would accept a heart shaped bill as legal tender.  At least I would hope not.




It really does work well to use the Papertrey Ink  heart zipper die for a money gift card.  I did not tape the inside down as I desperately need that $50.00 bill for groceries, but if I were ready to give this card I would tape it all down.  No chance of the money falling out and the card recipient gets to unzip the front and discover even more money inside.  I mean who would not want a gift like that.

I did eventually fold a Canadian bill into a heart shape as well, but it took multiple pieces of Micropore tape on the back to hold it together. It will take some delicate peeling to get it all off.  I think I will give it to my Origami frog maker son as payback for my clogged vacuum.

Supplies:  Papertrey Ink Shakers and Sprinkles patterned paper,  Papertrey Ink Love you to pieces zipper die, My Favorite Things Gifting Fun stamp set. Cut & Paste enamel dot arrow and Scor tape




Make it Monday

The challenge this week at Papertrey Ink is to make a matchbox something or other.  I decided to make a rather large matchbox and to make my own candy bag to put in it utilizing my under utilized fuse tool.

Once again I am agonizing over supplies that I did not bring with me to my winter home here in Phoenix,  and questioning my sanity over things I did bring, like dies without the matching stamp set!  What is up with that?  Oh well, in spite of my rather odd supply choices, I managed to make something.



Supplies:  Papertrey Ink City Scene stamp set and dies, Papertrey Ink Scribbles and Love die,  Pink Paislee patterned paper, WR Memory Keepers Fuse tool and plastic,  Mikes and Ikes (Not very Valentiny but hey, my favourite), Tiny Attacher from Tim Holtz, Hero Arts, SSS, Tim Holtz Distress inks, unknown Washi tape, Tombow glue

Making Merry……….Using the All through the House Papertrey Ink Kit!

I continue to be enthralled with the Papertrey Ink All Through the House Kit.  AND,  I received the little LED lights in the mail that fit into the little  3D matchboxes and that literally lighted (lit?) up my world that much more.  It seems that suddenly a whole pile of embellishments that were languishing in my stash, are the perfect accents for the matchboxes and tags.  It is nice to use some of my ribbon stash as well.  Only downside is that after digging through my stash boxes,  my craftroom looks like a Suicide Bomber checked his equipment in there!  Small price to pay for the fun I am having.

Take a look!


And saving the best for last…………………………lighted houses.  Amazingly cute!


The Devil is in the Details- Miniature Madness

Recently, I purchased Papertrey Ink’s All Through the House Holiday Kit.  Usually, I am not much of a kit fan, but this one drew me in from my first look at it on the Papertrey website.  Now that I have the kit in my hands,  I realize that it is twice as amazing in real life.  The attention to detail in the stamps and the preciseness of the dies is truly remarkable.  Even more remarkable given that it is all in MINI size.  For example, there is a Santa in the sleigh with reindeer that is only 3/4 of an inch tall and 2 inches long and uses 4 stamps to make it and 1 die to cut it out.  For a klutz like me, success in lining up 4 stamps should be impossible!  But…………you know what………….I was able to stamp and cut it repeatedly with no issues.  The biggest challenge was figuring out exactly what all these little dies were supposed to cut out.  For a while I was trying to use a die of Santa’s boots to cut out a holly bouquet…………..which did not work out too well,  I always have fun when I am playing with paper but this kit is twice as much fun as usual.  First it is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, to figure out what all the teenie tiny stamps do, and then you have the fun of creating a complete scene with them. Double the fun!  Well triple the fun if you count the fact that you can either stamp your own scenes or use the pre-printed scenes that come on the paper include in the kit.  Quadruple the fun, when I take into consideration that I am pulling out of my stash tiny embellishments that seemed too small for anything before.

If you use the kit in an assembly line manner, you could make all your Christmas tags in one day.  I was too anxious to see how I could use all the elements so I made tags and gift card boxes one at a time, which takes much longer.

Here is some samples of what I have made so far:

IMG_0214 IMG_0216 IMG_0212

Stay tuned for more boxes, including some with teenie tiny LED lights that light up the windows in the house. They were on backorder but are on their way to me now.