Coffee Lovers Bloghop Day 1

I have been making an unusual number of blogposts lately.  First there was the Spring Card Camp which was 20 days long, followed by the unexpected Spring Card Camp 2 which is still in progress and another 20 days long.  On top of that, I have been making sample cards for the scrapbook store that I work for.  It all is adding up to many many cards and many many posts, and a lot of fun.

This card is my first contribution to the Spring/Summer Coffee Lovers Bloghop.  One of the very few rules on what can be posted this go-around is that no back linking is allowed.  I decided to use a brand new, top of everyone’s mind paper to prove that this card was not backlinked to a previously made card.  While I can firmly say I detest the symbol on this patterned paper, I do appreciate the way Photoplay made it less evil looking.


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