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What is this? A card for no reason?

I am so far behind, that I think I am first!

I have had no time to enter any of the usual challenges, and the 25 days of Christmas Tags was only 12 days long for me before the wheels fell off.

Because of being busy with other things, my “new” drawer is starting to overflow as well.  There are many amazing stamp sets in there, that definitely need to come out and play.  One of them is the plaid maker from Concord and Ninth.  This is a brilliant stamp set both in its simplicity and engineering.  What is great about it, is that they had the clever idea of making the thin lines of the plaid on a wide base with two of the thin lines on it.  The lines stay straight and the wider stamp stays upright when lining it up in the Misti.  I rarely make more than one card front at a time, but this plaid maker stamp is “the best” for mass production.  Just keep stamping the pattern in black on to various colours of cardstock.  The thin lines are not necessary as you have a lovely Buffalo plaid without them, but you can add them at a later date, to co-ordinate with whatever image and occasion you opt to work with.