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Coffee Lovers Bloghop Spring/Summer 2021 Day # 7

Like a lot of crafters, I have a love/hate relationship with Washi tape. I have a tendency to buy it because it is so dang cute, but very often it just doesn’t work on my projects for various reasons (wrong colour, wrong style, wrong scale). When I was able go to Phoenix (long long ago in a galaxy far away) I bought some Parklane washi tape coffee stickers. Like all my other washi tape, it was cute but never got used. Well, today is the day for a “mini” goal……………….use those washi tape stickers on a card.

To dress it up a bit and give the card some texture, I used a Birch Press Triangle Collage die as a table cloth and added some Trinity Stamps Jelly Drop Hearts. Turned out not bad for a ten minute card.