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Coffee Lover’s Bloghop Winter 2019 Day 1

It is the time of year for the winter version of the Coffee Lover’s Bloghop.  It is also a busy time of year with Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas card making time all on the  heels of each other.

This lead up is to explain my excuse for it being Day 3 of the Bloghop and I am just posting my first card.  It is also Crop/retreat time and yesterday I attended one.  I bought what I thought was a regular collection kit from Photoplay called Kringle.  Once I ripped into it, I realized that it was actually a Christmas Card kit.  That was an OOPS as I rarely buy card kits and my intention was to make coffee cards of my own design.  Oh well,  I found that it was a very cute collection and after making a few cards, I actually purchased the matching collection kit and ephemera so that I could make some additional Christmas cards.

Anyway, I think the coffee cards turned out well, and they will come in handy for giving out some coffee gift cards at Christmas time.  The sentiment set is from My Favorite Things and is called Sassy Pants Holiday too.  The original stamp has the word wine and I just substituted coffee for this occasion.


Here is the card:


Papertrey Ink Make it Monday #299

The challenge in this week’s Make it Monday was to use a window to emphasize a sentiment on a card.  I decided to use the Shakers and Sprinkles die set to make the window, the Joyful Christmas stamp set and the All through the House patterned paper to put this card together.  It was amazingly easy to do and turned out well.

Sandra and Deb Challenge

This was supposed to be two cards for the Papertrey Ink Bloghop Challenge.  What I forgot though is that this is a one day challenge with that day being yesterday!  Oh well, it is now just a Sandra and I Challenge.

Here is the inspiration photo:


Here is my card:


It is fairly obvious that I was inspired by the colour scheme and the bottle brush trees.  I have to tell you that originally I had the penguin placed between the bear and the fox, but Sandra told me that it looked like the fox was farting on the penguin.  Well of course, I had to change things up a bit.

Now here is Sandra’s card using the same inspiration photo.  You will note that no one is farting on anyone else, BUT there is a giant icicle about to fall down and kill the bear!  Just saying!


Supplies:  Papertrey Ink Joyful Christmas and Warmest Wishes stamp set, Impression Obsession icicle.  Sandra’s card is coloured with Copic Markers while mine is coloured with my super sized set of Prismacolor pencils that I got for Christmas and Gamsol.

November Blog Hop Papertrey Ink-Finished Project

Today is the day to post the finished project for Papertrey Ink’s November Blog Hop.  My fingers are all limbered up from the crazy number of Black Friday bargains that I have put into a cart.  I even followed through and ordered some of the things that I put in the cart.  The horrible current exchange rate caused me to abandon several other potential purchases though.

Back to the project at hand.  Here is the inspiration photo once again:


Here is my finished project:



Make it Monday-Papertrey Ink #267

This week’s Make it Monday Challenge fit right in with what I was working on.   The challenge was to create several items at a time.  I  don’t normally make production line cards.  The fun for me is mostly in the designing process and each attempt  gives me more ideas for different cards so I rarely make the same one twice.  I realized the folly of my method when I thought about wanting to create all my Christmas cards, gift tags and gift cards for the holidays. One at a time was going to be painfully slow.


Here was my starting place.  Even when trying to make everything the same, I had to throw in both white and brown woodgrain frames, mats, envelopes and mailbox posts for variety.


Because I like to keep my options open, I only converted one of the mailboxes to a full sized card.  The rest may be used as gift tags, just by cutting off part of the mailbox post and adding some twine.


Now I am thinking about mass producing the freestanding little mailbox as a combination napkin holder and place card for the Christmas dinner table.  That is, if I think I can handle the Martha Stewart jokes that will be flung at me if I do! LOL!.

The inspiration in this kit is mind boggling. Included is a twenty page idea download with ideas to keep one busy for a long time, including some non Christmas ideas that are amazing.  Kudos to Betsy and the entire Papertrey Ink creative team.  Your creativity and attention to detail is simply astonishing!

Online Card Class Day 3

Today is Day 4 of the online Card Class Holiday Style.  There was one last card technique though from Day 3 that I wanted to try out.  I have always maintained that cardmaking is good for exercising one’s brain.  The experts say that doing Crossword puzzles can help ward off dementia and I think that doing cards like this must have the same effect.  It is a challenge to “fit” all the pieces onto the card in a shape and to do it with pleasing co-ordinating colours.  Add to that the challenge of stamping that many little images with no smudging or stamping errors and I think you have a fun and effective brain exercise.


Supplies:  Papertrey Ink All Through the House kit, Simon Says Stamp Merry Kissmas stamp set,  Spellbinding Tree die (used as stencil),  Hero Arts and Simon Says Stamp dye inks,  Neenah cardstock, Corner Chomper

The Devil is in the Details- Miniature Madness

Recently, I purchased Papertrey Ink’s All Through the House Holiday Kit.  Usually, I am not much of a kit fan, but this one drew me in from my first look at it on the Papertrey website.  Now that I have the kit in my hands,  I realize that it is twice as amazing in real life.  The attention to detail in the stamps and the preciseness of the dies is truly remarkable.  Even more remarkable given that it is all in MINI size.  For example, there is a Santa in the sleigh with reindeer that is only 3/4 of an inch tall and 2 inches long and uses 4 stamps to make it and 1 die to cut it out.  For a klutz like me, success in lining up 4 stamps should be impossible!  But…………you know what………….I was able to stamp and cut it repeatedly with no issues.  The biggest challenge was figuring out exactly what all these little dies were supposed to cut out.  For a while I was trying to use a die of Santa’s boots to cut out a holly bouquet…………..which did not work out too well,  I always have fun when I am playing with paper but this kit is twice as much fun as usual.  First it is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, to figure out what all the teenie tiny stamps do, and then you have the fun of creating a complete scene with them. Double the fun!  Well triple the fun if you count the fact that you can either stamp your own scenes or use the pre-printed scenes that come on the paper include in the kit.  Quadruple the fun, when I take into consideration that I am pulling out of my stash tiny embellishments that seemed too small for anything before.

If you use the kit in an assembly line manner, you could make all your Christmas tags in one day.  I was too anxious to see how I could use all the elements so I made tags and gift card boxes one at a time, which takes much longer.

Here is some samples of what I have made so far:

IMG_0214 IMG_0216 IMG_0212

Stay tuned for more boxes, including some with teenie tiny LED lights that light up the windows in the house. They were on backorder but are on their way to me now.

Going for the Gold! Day 7

Sandy Allnock has done a class of seven FREE cardmaking videos this week entitled Going for the Gold.  You heard me right………….FREE.  I have been watching all week but it is only today that I thought about uploading to the Gallery for Fun and Prizes.  I have to hurry as the gallery closes today.

You are allowed to upload using either the products or the techniques presented in the videos.  Well, I had some of the products and know some of the techniques but today something I hadn’t tried was showcased with a product that I had on hand.  This is my version of “working out”…………….none of that sweaty stuff happening here!

So I cased Sandy’s shaker card using a different Memory Box die and a different style frame.  I also decided to leave the outside trees white instead of gold.  Don’t ask me why………I just did. So there!



The technique that was new to me was using a Gold Wink of Luna Brush like it was a watercolour brush (which I guess it is).  For some reason I had only used it full strength to make embellishments or to colour things like the house in this card.  The line of trees in the far background was created using the Luna Brush with water.  This was a perfect place to try freehand watercolouring of trees.  As Sandy showed in her video, all I had to do is paint in a soft line and add some hash marks for trees.  It doesn’t look too bad for a first attempt.

The other neat thing that she used was Polar White Flower Soft.  Dang if I didn’t have this in my stash too……………It was a long ways down in my stack of storage boxes but I was able to pluck it out of the box without turning the stack into a miniature Pompei.

Supplies:  Wink of Luna Gold Brush,  Memory Box Winter Cabin Landscape die,  Simon Says Stamp Woodgrain Card stock,  3M Foam Tape, Tim Holtz Distress Watercolour Paper, Flower Soft, Mama Elephant Rectangle die and Scor tape

Christmas in July Challenge

Today Sandra and I decided to challenge each other to create a Christmas in July card.  Sandra created a cute little scene with a penguin.  The penguin is not a surprise coming from Sandra.  She does love her critters.  What is a surprise is that Sandra put glitter on her card!  I can’t believe it, as she HATES all things glitter.  To show you how much she hates glitter I will post the hate photo she sent me of her suitcase that ended up with  glitter on it, because it was packed beside a glittered bag in my trunk for the drive home from Phoenix.  I think she wanted to be compensated for damages, but I just ignored her.



Anyway she made a great card and although the glitter is hard to photograph, it does add a nice touch.

sandra christmas in July challenge


For me, the operation was successful………..but the patient died.  It needs to go in the round file………….but as it was a lot of work.(which included enlisting Dennis’ help in altering some Tim Holtz broach pins into fridge door handles) and a cute idea in my head, I am posting it anyway.

IMG_9236 IMG_9232


I may give this Christmas card to my bunny……………………he deserves it.  I would have swap out the hamburger for a Pansy sandwich though.