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Red Road Apples

It is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, so you would think I would make a Thanksgiving card to post today.  Nope, I pull out a Christmas image from High Hopes Rubber Stamps and start to make something with it.  The stamp is a Holstein cow shown from the backside…………..not the back side…………the backside.    It is not as easy as one would think to colour a Holstein cow.  It is a black and white image on white cardstock, so there is not a lot going on.  Luckily the cow is wearing a Santa hat and has a ribbon tied to her tail that I coloured in traditional red.  Design theory states that the “eye” prefers things in odd numbers.  That meant that I needed a third touch of the red to appease the “eye” gods.  Because the image shows the backside of the cow front and centre, I decided to get my third pop of red from a trail of red “road apples”.   I am still wondering why I can’t see the “udder” piece of anatomy in this image, but with this image view, I am sure glad the Holstein is not a bull.   Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians.


Happy Canada Day!

I wasn’t going to make a Canada Day  card this year.  Somehow as the day progressed, I felt like I had forgotten to do something. That something was to express my pride in being a Canadian, and making a Canada Day card helped me do that.

I  made a slider card on my Pazzles cutter.  Now, Scrapendipity has a slider die from Art impressions that will make a slider for you.  Unfortunately, my stack of Canadian animals was a bit wider than the slider die allowed.   Had I chosen to use the die and just crop a bit, I would have had time to get groceries as well as make this card, and I would not be having a popcorn sandwich for dinner.  Take my the die.

I think the card is quite cute though.  Happy Canada day everyone.



Note the attention to detail………I taped the stick!  My only complaint is that it seems Spellbinders thinks we play hockey with pucks the size of beach balls. 🙂