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Spring Card Camp 2 Day 13

Today was one of those days where the idea of what to do came quickly but the said execution of the idea was rather difficult.  The video today was presented by Jennifer Mcguire and a second set of cards was showcased by Andy Granick .  I decided to make a card that incorporated the design ideas of both Jennifer and Andy.  This is where the trouble started.  I like to be able to “eyeball” things rather than do the meticulous measuring, but like it or not, this card required measuring.  It took a while to do, but the real problem was that I got some graphite marks from the pencil I used on my card front, that left some dirty looking smudges. This took some work to erase.  I even had to do stamp surgery on the sentiment I used, to make it fit the way I wanted.  Finally, the card came together, however. and the end result is nice.

IMG_1930 (2)

Spring Card Camp 2 Day 7

Today’s video was presented by Caly Person and was about using vellum.  In one of her samples, she used a jungle border.  I had a different jungle border from Hero  Arts that is one of my favourites and so I decided to do a jungle card too.  My card is really a mixed media card as I used stamps, diecuts, Copic markers, coloured pencils with gamsol,  and ink blending to complete the card.  I liked the resulting card but if I had the time to do it over again, I would use the vellum a bit differently to make it appear more prominently.  I am totally reformed, however, and vow not to take longer than 4 hours to make a card, and so I declared it done and here it is.



Spring Card Camp 2 Day 5

Today the video was done by Lydia Fiedler and it was about using stencils to create vintage-looking images.  This was fortuitous as I had just picked up a new rose stencil from Altenew.  I have to say that I am not too much of a fan of vintage, but I was eager to try out the new stencil, so I gave it a go.

I appreciate the advice to use a soft brown as the base of the ink blending to provide an instant vintage look.  It worked very well to do this and I love the resulting card.  In fact, I have decided to give this one to my Mom today for Mother’s Day instead of one that I had ready to go, so I guess I really like it.

Spring Card Camp 2 Day 1

So ok, I managed to wipe the stink off my having to prepare some income tax returns, and found some creativity to make a card for the Day 1 tutorial.

I have a confession to make though………………..when I use a craft knife, the only thing that gets cut is me.  I have absolutely no skill in that area so I cheated.  I cut the letters out nice and cleanly on my Silhouette Cameo.   The part that I am proud of, is that I was able to produce a truly one layer card.  More often than not, little stamping errors and smudges necessitate that I have to put the card front on a clean card base or add some doodad to cover a booboo (both technical cardmaking terms).  So all things considered, this card is a success.  Take a look:

Spring Card Camp 2 Day 2

Kristina and Jennifer decided that because Spring Card Camp 1 was such a great diversion from the ongoing saga of Covid-19, why not continue it with Spring Card Camp 2.  Why not indeed.  It gives me something to look forward to each day and reminds me of the scene in movies where the calendar days fly off in rapid succession to mark the passage of time.

Speaking of the passage of time, Day 1 got away on me.  I was working on doing several income taxes and I don’t know about you, but for me, income tax and creativity are not friendly to each other.  Zero Mojo!  I will come back to Day 1, but for now, ideas were more plentiful for Day 2.  Plus, I was able to use a Pinkfresh stamp that I wanted to use as a sample for the Scrapendipity store which should be able to open soon.  Maybe, I am still stuck on the 2 for 1 theme of Spring Card Camp 1. LOL

Anyway, the card turned out well.  You may notice a small bit of cross-hatching on the bottom of the card.  This was an error, but I like it and wish I had made it a bit more prominent……………..maybe on the second card……………..again thinking 2 for 1 theme.  Hmm.

Spring Card Camp Day 18

Today’s video was presented by Shari Caroll from Simon Says Stamp

Her 2 for 1 idea was to do some blending on a card front using cardstock masks and then use the masks themselves to make a second card.  This technique is going to appeal to all you frugal crafters who like to use up every tiny scrap you have while continuing to hoard a lifetime’s worth of full sheet cardstock.

Shari managed to make her two cards look quite similar in the end even though they were made quite differently.  My cards follow the same technique but I deliberately veered off in two slightly different directions.  I enjoyed this technique as I want to practice the unstructured graphic style more.

I also got to use two new Photoplay word dies that I just bought yesterday!  I love when that happens.


Spring Card Camp Day 9 # 3

This is probably my favourite set of cards.  I like the colour combination and the embellishments on these ones.


Spring Card Camp Day 9 #1

It is day 9 at the Spring Card Camp.  Today the class was taught by Channin Pelletier.  The objective was to use a stencil both as an element for regular inking blending as well as using the stencil a second time in a watercolour smooshing technique.  Not only do you get the 2 cards for 1 thing, but also your inner need not to waste all that wonderful ink left on the stencil is met.

I actually loved this technique.  So much so, in fact, that I ended up with six cards.  Well actually I made eight, but two of them are having trouble in trying to not to look like crap.  I will let them marinate for a while and see if they look better the next time I look at them.    The others though turned out very well.

I will do this in 3 posts again to capture the 3 pairs of Cards.  Here is the first:


Spring Card Camp Day 7

Today the tutorial was presented by Laurie Willison.  The premise was to use both the positive and the negative of a sentiment stamp to produce two cards.  The theme of the overall card camp is “2 for 1”, meaning that with little extra effort, you can make two cards with the materials you have decided to use.  Well, I decided to use a very nice little die from Tonic Studios that says, “Hold on to Your Dreams”.  It didn’t take very long before I realized that there will be a vaccine before I could piece together the tiny little positive pieces in this die.  Necessity is the mother of invention, so I came up with a variation that worked very well, I think.

These cards should not have taken very long to do.  The blending through a stencil was easy and even the start/stop/change/redo of the sentiment did not take very long.   What did take forever, was deciding what little doodads I wanted to put on as the final decoration.  I got out every sequin case, bling box, enamel dots boxes and doodad whatnots that I had, in order to decide.  In the end, it was a toss-up between what I did use and putting on nothing extra.  I really need to start thinking about the “law of diminishing returns”  I have an hour of work to do in putting all this stuff back for cards that would probably have looked equally as nice with no extra adornment.  Ah well, it is not as if I have places I need to go to, or even could go to.

I really do like how these cards turned out.  I especially like the raised sentiment card.  I put acetate behind the sentiment so it would be raised up from the white background.  This makes the sentiment cast a shadow on the white background which I liked.  Ok, I know, remember the “law of diminishing returns”.  In this case, the extra time to draw and fussy cut out the acetate was worth it.


Papertrey Ink- Make it Monday #321

The challenge in today’s Make it Monday, is to do some ink blending on coloured cardstock.

It seemed simple but I did have to round file my first attempt.  I used a sponge dauber that was too old and it started to crumble and leave streaks in my blending when I tried to use it.

This is my second attempt and while it is much better, the water mark forks that I stamped in the background look somewhat dirty, rather than just being a deeper tone of the paper.  I thought about giving them a clear embossing finish but I had already removed the stamps from the Misti, so that wasn’t going to work.    Hmm……………….maybe try again with white embossed birthday candles in the background.