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Spring Card Camp Day 3

Today’s tutorial was about using stencils to create dry embossing.  One of my current favourite stencils is Simon Says Stamp Tumbling Leaves.  In fact, I made two cards with it in the Spring Card Camp 1.  I decided to break it out again for today’s card.

This was an easy card to do, not so easy to get the subtle embossing to photograph well.

Spring Card Camp Day 7

Today the tutorial was presented by Laurie Willison.  The premise was to use both the positive and the negative of a sentiment stamp to produce two cards.  The theme of the overall card camp is “2 for 1”, meaning that with little extra effort, you can make two cards with the materials you have decided to use.  Well, I decided to use a very nice little die from Tonic Studios that says, “Hold on to Your Dreams”.  It didn’t take very long before I realized that there will be a vaccine before I could piece together the tiny little positive pieces in this die.  Necessity is the mother of invention, so I came up with a variation that worked very well, I think.

These cards should not have taken very long to do.  The blending through a stencil was easy and even the start/stop/change/redo of the sentiment did not take very long.   What did take forever, was deciding what little doodads I wanted to put on as the final decoration.  I got out every sequin case, bling box, enamel dots boxes and doodad whatnots that I had, in order to decide.  In the end, it was a toss-up between what I did use and putting on nothing extra.  I really need to start thinking about the “law of diminishing returns”  I have an hour of work to do in putting all this stuff back for cards that would probably have looked equally as nice with no extra adornment.  Ah well, it is not as if I have places I need to go to, or even could go to.

I really do like how these cards turned out.  I especially like the raised sentiment card.  I put acetate behind the sentiment so it would be raised up from the white background.  This makes the sentiment cast a shadow on the white background which I liked.  Ok, I know, remember the “law of diminishing returns”.  In this case, the extra time to draw and fussy cut out the acetate was worth it.


It has been a while

I actually didn’t realize how long it has been since the last post.  It isn’t that I haven’t been busy in my craft room, as I am there putzing away every day.  As an aside, I just went and looked up the definition of putzing.  I didn’t want to offend anyone, and sometimes you say things just out of habit and you don’t know that the saying has a deep dark past.  In fact, one definition of putzing IS a little sketchy, but the generally accepted one is “behave in an idle manner”  and I certainly do that in my craft room, so it is staying in my sentence.

I have recently made two cards that are in my all-time favourites list.  I used a technique called Layered Resist.  This technique was demonstrated by Jennifer McGuire recently and I wanted to try it out.  These cards take a long time to make as there are four layers of ink on them and four layers of embossing powder.  If you don’t wait for each layer of ink to dry thoroughly, you are in for an epic fail.  I managed to summon enough patience to wait for each layer to dry, before adding another round of embossing powder and both cards turned out well.

The cards almost have a 3D feel as the various layers look like they are at different depths on the card front.

Take a look:





The Calgary Stampede was when?

It appears that I am out of sync with the calendar.  Today I made a couple of cards that would have been great at Stampede time, but somehow they didn’t get made.  Actually, the longhorn skull was just purchased as an add-on to my Hero Arts Kit of the month, but I have had the cowboy boot for awhile so no excuse for that one.  Anyway, I teamed up the two dies to make a couple of cards that turned out well.  So well, in fact, that I am thinking of framing them as an Art Card shadow box for my wall.

I love the Authentique barbed wire paper so much, that I immediately began to think of where I have to go to replenish my stash of it. I also love the Tonic Soft Leather Jacket speciality paper I used for the boot and skull frame.