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Creative Chemistry 103- Day 2

One of the techniques shown today used three products that I love, but have been languishing unused in my stash.  What a great opportunity to break them out again.  The products I am talking about are Distress Markers, Stencils and my Compressor.  The technique is called Distress Marker Spritzed Watercolour.

I confess that I had never before used my compressor with any marker other than Copics.  At first I fashioned a tape around the marker barrel to fit it snugly into the Copic spray handle, but it wasn’t long before I figured out a way to hold the marker just right and get it to spray with out the fuss.

I took Tim’s suggestion and decided to try it with a stencil, since I hadn’t used a stencil for a while either.  I tried the Roses stencil and this Treads one.  They both worked beautifully.

I like the resulting card.  I think it is a great, and hard to come by,  artsy masculine card.

tim hoiltz



Make it Monday #256 Papertrey Ink

Once I got over the shock of Melissa making a one layer card 🙂 , I started to look through my stamps to see which one I could use to spritz watercolour.

My first attempt was using the snowshoe and sled from Two Feet Deep.  Both items were shades of brown and just seemed so dull when I watered them down.  Attempts to add brightness and shine seemed off the mark, so I started over again.

This card is the result.  I think I like it better although the snowshoe one is growing on me.



Just for comparison, here is the Sled/Snowshoe one.