Why Oscar and Felix?

Sandra and I met each other when we both ended up working at a local Scrapbook store  (now dearly departed).  Our working methods were polar opposite.  She would  clean up one item at a time and be constantly putting things back in their place.  Contrast that to me who tends to be more of a BLITZ cleaner and processor.  I would get out an item to put a price tag on it, and the phone would ring.  When I turned around again from answering the phone, my still unpriced item would be back on the shelf, courtesy of Sandra.  This started a lighthearted bickering between us.  The customers started to notice and enjoy listening to our ongoing banter.   Some even said they didn’t need anything at the store, but just came to see what we were arguing about.  Of course, no self respecting crafter ever leaves a scrapbook store without buying something, so our bickering ended up being a good marketing strategy.   Eventually, the customers began calling us Oscar and Felix from the old television show called The Odd Couple.  We briefly thought about calling our blog,  The Odd Couple, but opted in the end for Maverick Muses.

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